The Staff/Character Bios

Here's the list of the characters that appear in Host Club as well as a small bio about them, and the name of the person lending them an English speaking voice. :D

Main Cast/Recurring Characters

Name: Haruhi
Voice: PegasusRider(aka Destiny)

The main character in Host Club. Haruhi accidentally breaks a valuable vase that belongs to the Host Club and can't afford to replace it so much become the "slave" of the Host Club until the debt is paid! Haruhi is at Ouran on a scholarship and is the top student of the Freshmen class (and has to stay there to keep the scholarship).

Name: Tamaki
Voice: Rashinban

The ‘king’ of the Host Club, Tamaki is the number one requested boy of the group. He’s charming, suave, dreamy, a bit of an idiot, and a little egotistical. He comes from a VERY rich family, and went to school over seas.

Name: Kyoya
Voice: Edwyn

Referred to as the ‘shadow president’, Kyoya manages the Host Club. Intelligent, sharp, a little threatening, cunning, and mysterious, Kyoya is Tamaki’s best friend. (Not only that but his family is very powerful and practically has an army of body guards.) His family is also very rich, and they own a variety of things including hospitals and water parks.

Names: The Twins (Hikaru and Kaoru)
Voice (Hikaru): Corey Maddox
Voice (Kaoru): Chinomi

The older of the identical twins, Hikaru is the one who usually talks about doing evil things. Scheming, playful, and devious, Hikaru and his brother also come from a very rich family, and they own a beach. (I kid thee not!) Extremely exclusive, he and his twin have divided the world into two parts. "Us", and "Not us". The youngest of the identical twins, Kaoru is usually the twin who carries out all the evil plans. Also scheming, playful, and devious, Kaoru is a little more mature than his older brother, although he is just as exclusive.

Name: Mori
Voice: --still available--

Mori rarely says anything, but he is certainly the tallest Host Club member. He is Honey’s cousin and is part of a family that was sworn to protect Honey’s family.

Name: Honey
Voice: Kitsune Squeak

Although Honey is the second oldest member of the club (according to the manga at any rate) Honey is about the size and has the maturity of a twelve year old. (There are times when he turns 'dark' though)

Name: Host Club Clients
Voices: Aurianna, Blinded, Fruit Fly, Lady Mercury, Lunacee, Mangafanatic, Scarlotte, Souba, Tarakitten, Thano, Windy-chan, Yumi

The rich young ladies that keep the Host Club in business. Most girls will make more appearences throughout the series, and you will notice that once they pick a client they tend to stick with him. Many, many thanks to the girls who agreed to do these parts! The girls doing these parts will also supply any extra female parts we need such as other female students or doctors/nurses.

Name: Extra Male characters
Voices: Hedeki, Kale, starwarsboy90, Topleka

These are the extra male characters that aren't given names in the story. They include additional male students and other characters such as the doctors in Episode 3.

Other Characters

Name: Ayanokoji
Appears in Episode: One
Voice: Chaki

Imagine a snobby ice princess and you’ll be halfway there. Ayanokoji only appears in this episode, and she is referred to as ‘princess’ and Tamaki’s number one customer. She puts family blood and money as being the number one important thing in a person, and she’s cunning, dark, snobby, and icy.

Name: Kasugasaki Kanako
Appears in Episode: Two

She is a memeber of class 2-B and she has what the the guys in the Host Club call a "host-wandering" illness (meaning she switches back and forth between the guys rather then settle with just one host like most girls. She also has a strange fascination with teacups... what could this mean? ;)

Name: Suzushima Tohru
Appears in Episode: Two

He's described as "boring" by the Twins and Kyoya. His family owns an import company, so he is nice enough to supply the host club with all their dishes, lol. Oh and look, he's the first person (besides Haruhi) we see who is not wearing the boy's blazer uniform!

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