The older releases are hosted on my (MyrhhLynn's) hosting service, just click on the screenshot of each release to download it.

File Size: 289 MB
Voices: (See Yearbook page)
Haruhi is just looking for a quiet place to study and finally decides to try the 3rd Music Room. Unfortunately this is room is currently occupied by the Host Club and while trying to escape them Haruhi accidentally breaks a valuable vase that belongs to the club. In order to repay the cost of the vase Haruhi is forced to become the "dog" of the Host Club!

Download: Reduced Quality Episode(44 MB) Mini Clip(7 MB)

File Size: 9.6 MB
Well maybe this belongs on the Yearbook page but oh well. Pegasus Rider made this little video to show our appreciation for our staff. It's mostly screenshots with the names of the real characters and the name of the staff person who is doing his/her voice. It's pretty cute. ^_^ Unfortunately it's in this wierd format that I think only Windows Media Player can use because that is what the program she used saves it as. Maybe someday I'll get around to converting it to something else. x_x

Really Old Releases

File Size: 63.5 MB
Voices: PegausRider & MyrrhLynn
This is probably a spoiler clip as we find out the power that Orhime is capable of. So don't watch if you hate spoilers. We did this clip in one weekend, mostly just for fun. The video quality is not the best, and several people have complained that the voices don't work well with the characters but it doesn't really matter since this wasn't a serious project.

File Size: 30.7 MB
Voices: (order of appearance) Mithrandir (CAA), PegasusRider, MyrrhLynn, Rashiir (CAA), TamTu Bui (VAA)
Part of episode 1 from the series Scrapped Princess. The first project we ever did, as such it is really lacking in some areas. Mithrandir sounds just like the guy that did the official dub of this series though. It's like ... spooky. XD This is a really wierd format because both our computers died and Rashiir just happened to still have this version of it. So we're lucky to even have this Quicktime format.

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