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Daystar Design - Anniversary Bishounen Contest

Daystar Design has been alive and kicking now for 7 years so I figured it is time to party! We are going to be having a wallpaper and icon contest for the whole summer to celebrate. So bust out the bishie scans and read on for the details and photos of the fantastic prizes! Deadline is August 31st!

General Rules

  • There has to be a bishounen (or any decent looking male) in it somewhere.
  • No graphics with girls on them allowed. No exceptions!
  • No fan art allowed unless you drew/made it. Doujinshi is okay too.
  • You must submit "new" graphics the have not been submitted to MT, AP, DA or anywhere else before June 1st 2010.
  • Graphics are not considered specific to this contest so it is okay to submit something you plan on entering in another contest.
  • You can submit as many entires as you want.
  • Please give proper credit in wallpapers to artist, scan, brushes, etc. You can include your site name on there too.
  • No shirt is okay :) but they better be wearing something on the bottom like pants, a robe, or shorts.
  • No hentai or shounen-ai or yaoi allowed.
  • Deadline: August 31st
  • If it's standard size it must be 1600x1200 resolution or larger (1920x1200 or larger if it's widescreen).
  • All entries will become part of the normal wallpaper gallery in a new category devoted to the contest.
  • Must be 100x100 size
  • All entries will become part of the normal icon gallery in a new category devoted to the contest.


Check out the photos below for the prizes you will be able to choose from if you win. Since all the prizes are obviously currently at my house you have to be willing to share your address with me so I can ship it to you, lol. I will ship international, so yes you can still win if you don't live in the USA.

Why so many prizes? Well to be honest I was planning on using them for more then one contest but then I had a reality check and realized I probably wouldn't get around to having another contest anytime soon, although there might not be enough winners to take them all.

Part of the reason I wanted so many prizes is because there are going to be differnet kinds of awards given out. Here are some general ideas of why they will be so that you can plan your entry a little better.

MyrrhLynn's Best Bishie - This way I get my personal preference out of the way. XD This award will go to the bishie I feel is the most drool worthy and smexy of all. (Will also have first pick at the prizes!) There will be one award for the wallpapers and one award for the icons/avatars. I might even pick two if my heart is divided, lol.

Panel Judged Best Bishies - I along with several artists and non-artists from the MT/AP/Daystar community will pick the top entries from both the wallpapers and icons. (There will be more then one winner for each.)

Popular Vote? - I haven't decided if I'm going to do this, simply because it would be so easy to cheat no matter how i set it up. :\

To Enter:

You may email entries to <b>daystarsubmissions(at)</b> and be sure to include your name, and site address if you have one. If you have a MT Userpage, an AP userpage, etc. you can list that as your site. Or you can use the form below and just provide a link to your entry.

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